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ERMA: Energy Risk Management Application

The Energy Risk Management Application (ERMA) is a multifaceted, web-based, price-risk management application used by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The primary functions of ERMA include energy procurement, contract management, and utility bill tracking. 

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WebiFM: Information for Facility Management

The WebiFM application is a web-accessible business tool used to communicate the results of facility condition assessments from the Penn State Facilities Engineering Institute (PSFEI). WebiFM provides our clients with the critical information they need to determine the current condition of their facilities, set priorities for work orders, develop their capital spending plans, and support their strategic business objectives. 

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FMMS: Facilities Maintenance Management System

The Facilities Maintenance Management System (FMMS) is a set of comprehensive management tools developed specifically for use by the Department of Corrections (DOC) maintenance departments within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This project was initiated in cooperation with DOC’s Bureau of Operations and every institution’s team of maintenance managers.

Fully integrated with DOC infrastructure, FMMS is a customized web-based, enterprise-wide software solution, designed to DOC’s business process specification. The core functionality provides a complete management of work orders, projects, and assets. Features also include system-generated email notification of specific events within a process and adhoc and canned reporting. FMMS resides on the client’s server, utilizing their technologies and adhering to the development standards as specified by the Bureau of Information Technology.

FMMS serves all PA State Correctional Institutions’ facilities from one central location.

PennDOT FMD: Facilities Management Division

PSFEI created the Asset Management Database to enable users to view, manage, and generate reports for facilities and buildings. Each facility is broken down into buildings, floors, rooms, and assemblies and components. This web application contains data for all PennDOT-managed facilities and is viewable to all users. Authorized users are permitted to add, update, and delete information. 

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Tank Module

The Tank Module is a web-based application created to help manage the needs of the PennDOT Tank Coordinator administrating the tanks in their area. The Module provides a standard repository for documents and pictures, provides notifications for inspections, documents third party inspection requirements, and documents basic demographics such as size, type, and location of the tanks. 

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Annual Reports

The Penn State Facilities Engineering Institute (PSFEI) is pleased to provide the annual utility usage reports for the Departments of Agriculture, Corrections, Human Services, Military and Veterans Affairs, and Labor and Industry; the Department of General Services; and Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education. Each year's report presents a listing of services provided to our clients. The reports also provide detailed information regarding fuel consumption, energy costs, and water and wastewater data by Commonwealth fiscal year.

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Zicrey is an application used by PSFEI to document site assessments of all PennDOT facilities. Site visit inspections are guided by criteria from the PennDOT FMAC committee. Zicrey records the scoring of an individual site, historical scores of a site, environmental reporting and alerts, reporting of environmental scores, and reporting of the whole evaluation. Reports are available to PennDOT personnel.



The Penn State Facilities Engineering Institute (PSFEI) provides facilities engineering services, education programs, and energy management to Pennsylvania state agencies, the federal government and nonprofit organizations. The organization aims to advance its customers’ facilities engineering objectives through applied research, education and innovation.

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