PSFEI Services

Energy Management

PSFEI has extensive energy market and utility industry expertise. We are the primary adviser to the Commonwealth for electricity and natural gas procurement and account management activities. We assist the Commonwealth in keeping current with utility industry and regulatory activities. 

Combined with PSFEI's extensive Commonwealth facilities knowledge, the PSFEI Energy Team provides invaluable insight into long-range energy planning.

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Training and Education

As part of The Pennsylvania State University, the Penn State Facilitates Engineering Institute (PSFEI) provides training and continuing education to facility managers and trade personnel. 


PSFEI conducts short courses and workshops on a variety of facility-related topics.

Short course program titles include:

  • Effective Facility Management
  • Fundamentals of Medium Voltage Systems
  • HVAC System Operation and Maintenance
  • Central Boiler Plant Operation and Maintenance

Professional development titles include:

  • Facility Infrastructure Fundamentals Training (FIFT)
  • Fundamentals of High Performance Buildings (FHPB)
  • The Smart Building Operations Training Program (SBOT)
  • Facilities Water Conservation and Management (FWCM)

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Engineering Services

PSFEI assists in troubleshooting operation and maintenance problems with building mechanical systems, electrical distribution systems, central boiler plants, potable and wastewater systems, building control and automation systems, fire and security systems, and building structures and envelopes. PSFEI assists with facility planning by conducting studies and building assessments for clients, assisting in project scope development, and reviewing projects. 

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Facility Condition Assessments

PSFEI has a strong history of helping facility managers efficiently maintain their building and grounds infrastructure. One of the tools used to accomplish this task is a facility condition assessment. PSFEI has developed a quality condition assessment program with experience in building systems operation, building envelope, code compliance, and accessibility requirements. The conditions assessment data is available to clients via a web-accessible application known as WebiFM, which was developed by PSFEI. The application allows facility managers to make long-range planning decisions based on facility and building condition index values, in addition to short-term planning for repairs based on cost estimates and priority levels, developed for each deficiency. These business tools and many others are available in WebiFM to assist facility managers with the maintenance and planning of their operations.

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The Penn State Facilities Engineering Institute (PSFEI) provides education programs, energy services, engineering services, and facility condition assessments to Pennsylvania state agencies, the federal government, and nonprofit organizations. The organization aims to advance its customers’ facilities engineering objectives through applied research, education, and innovation.

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