Engineering Services

PSFEI contracts with the Commonwealth to provide professional advice related to the mechanical, electrical, and water treatment engineering aspects of facilities. With 70 years of expertise, PSFEI conducts reviews, surveys, studies, and investigations for an array of engineering systems. 

Construction Document Plan Review

PSFEI’s multi-disciplined team of engineers and building system specialists collaborate to conduct a comprehensive review of construction documents – plans, specifications, and engineering calculations. The intimate knowledge we gain from our clients' policies, preferences, and maintenance operations allows PSFEI’s team to provide a valuable service in this arena. The construction document plan review service is a proven method to reduce construction phase change orders, ensure building code compliance, and improve future maintenance operations. 

For more information, contact:

Antonette Mitterando, Engineering Services Manager

Energy Demand Management

With extensive facilities knowledge and energy management expertise, PSFEI's Engineering Services Team identifies building system inefficiencies and provides recommendations for improvements that reduce energy use and cost. Together with the Energy Procurement Team, the Engineering Services Team ensures energy-saving retrofits are economical, properly coordinated with energy supply contracts, and meet a facility’s long-term needs.

Demand-side energy services include:

  • Strategic energy planning
  • Performance contracting evaluations and support
  • Energy conservation measure scoping

Operations and Maintenance Support

PSFEI offers a full range of operations and maintenance support services.

Boiler Plants

Review of operations, maintenance, controls, and boiler-life studies; development of project scopes; and evaluation of new technologies.

Chiller Plants

Review of operations, maintenance, and controls; development of project scopes and evaluation of new technologies. 

Electrical Systems

High-voltage dielectric testing on power cables to determine insulation resistance; troubleshooting, testing, and minor adjustments to electrical equipment; and review of electrical design of projects.

Fuel Advisory

Evaluation of fuel supply alternatives, including natural gas, fuel oil, compressed natural gas, and solar. Surveillance of remaining coal-production facilities; quality control of coal as needed and development of cost-savings specifications for the purchase of coal; and investigation and recommendation of solutions as they relate to procurement regulations concerning the supply, quality, and delivery of coal.


Oversight of adjustments to and/or balancing of HVAC systems, analysis and advice on HVAC energy use, and assistance in design review.

For more information, contact:

Antonette Mitterando, Engineering Services Manager

Water Treatment

Investigation and review of problems related to water treatment practices of central boiler plants, HVAC systems, potable water, and wastewater; review of water test records, diagnosis, and consultation regarding problem areas; and recommendation for changes and/or additions to the chemicals available through contracts for water treatment.

For more information, contact:

Mark Garlicki, Lead Water Systems Engineer

Structural/Building Enclosure

Assessment of problems related to building structures and enclosures, review of design submissions for structural systems, and advice on the impact of building code changes.

For more information, contact:

Greg Ruberto, Assistant Director



The Penn State Facilities Engineering Institute (PSFEI) provides education programs, energy services, engineering services, and facility condition assessments to Pennsylvania state agencies, the federal government, and nonprofit organizations. The organization aims to advance its customers’ facilities engineering objectives through applied research, education, and innovation.

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