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COSTARS Electricity Procurement Services

Since 2009, the Penn State Facilities Engineering Institute (PSFEI) has provided electricity procurement services for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania resulting in savings of over $160 million. Working together with the Pennsylvania Department of General Services Bureau of Procurement (DGS-BOP), PSFEI has helped more than 138 COSTARS clients (representing over 1,922 electric accounts) save an average of more than $800 per month in utility costs. A free utility bill review service conducted by PSFEI has identified more than $710,000 in refunds for clients.

How it works: PSFEI’s certified energy professionals continually monitor electricity market conditions and determine the best times to shop for electricity. We aggregate appropriate loads to obtain the lowest pricing from suppliers who have agreed to the Commonwealth’s terms and conditions. This means you get the best pricing on terms that protect you. It’s that simple.

Ever heard this before: “We help you buy the lowest priced electricity and it won’t cost you anything”?

The truth: No one does anything for free. There are always charges, which are hidden in the cost of your electricity, based on a relationship between the broker and electricity supplier. With PSFEI and COSTARS, you’ll receive full price transparency at a highly competitive rate!

The solution: Join other COSTARS members and let PSFEI and DGS-BOP work for you! 


I receive so many calls from energy suppliers, I don’t have the resources or expertise to determine what is best for our organization.

PSFEI and DGS-BOP manage the entire procurement/award process. Once a COSTARS client submits an enrollment form, PSFEI and DGS-BOP will determine the best time to shop for electricity, issue a Request for Quote (RFQ), review qualified supplier price quotes, and email the successful supplier. 

How will I know if I saved money and what is the cost of the service?

Sometimes the utilities pricing is the lowest. DGS-BOP will only select a supplier if savings can be achieved in comparison to the current regulated utilities’ default pricing. The client is provided with a consolidated summary of avoided costs, including current contract and regulated utility default pricing. The cost of the services is transparent ($0.001/Kwh) and is imbedded in the supplier’s pricing. 

What electric suppliers will be bidding my accounts and what type of product will they be offering?

A large pool of pre-qualified suppliers will compete for COSTARS client business. These suppliers have met the Commonwealth’s qualification criteria and agreed to their terms and conditions. Only a fixed-price electricity supply product will be solicited, protecting COSTARS clients from price fluctuations and providing budget certainty. 


PSFEI can provide best practices for electricity procurement program clients exploring:

  • On-site, behind-the-meter, renewable electric generation systems including solar, wind, and co-generation
  • Sustainable and energy-efficient design concepts and associated utility rebate programs
  • Utility net metering regulations, managed electric supply, and renewable energy credits


The Penn State Facilities Engineering Institute (PSFEI) provides education programs, energy services, engineering services, and facility condition assessments to Pennsylvania state agencies, the federal government, and nonprofit organizations. The organization aims to advance its customers’ facilities engineering objectives through applied research, education, and innovation.

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