Download the Smoke School App

Visible Emissions Training Program course participants can skip cumbersome testing sheets and clipboards, thanks to PSFEI’s new mobile application.

Now available for download through the Apple App Store and Google Play, the PSFEI Smoke School Test App allows training participants to practice, test, and retrieve results of their tests all in the palm of their hands. Alternatively, attendees may also choose to use the web-based version of the app.

In addition to allowing access to more timely test results and eliminating the need for paper, clipboards, and pencils, the PSFEI Smoke School Test app provides a contactless option to help keep attendees safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. Conventional test packets will be available for Smoke School attendees who do not wish to utilize the free app. 

After downloading the app, attendees are encouraged to create an account (register) with the Course Administration System (CAS) ahead of the course training date. However, attendees may also download and register at the training site. Individuals who have previously attended a PSFEI Visible Emissions Training already have a CAS account. For help with login credentials, attendees should click the Forgot Password link and enter their email address to retrieve a password.

Initial certification participants may utilize the app on their phones, but will not be able to log in to it until the day of their certification program — when they will be provided a security code.

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