What is the ProFM Credential?

What is ProFM™?

ProFM is the most current, relevant, and universally-applicable credential in facility management. This credential elevates the FM profession and advances the careers of facility professionals by broadening skills, updating knowledge and providing recognition for the achievement of this global standard. 

Why was ProFM Created?

The facility management industry continues to change as it adapts to increasing globalization, significant retirement gaps and advancing technology. Today’s FM professionals need a broad range of skills, expanding beyond traditional FM tasks, to optimize building performance, develop business strategies and satisfy building occupants. And while demand for facility professionals is growing around the world, a lack of universally accepted standards and training make it difficult for employers to identify and hire proven talent.

The ProFM credential was created to help with just that. The credential is based on a comprehensive body of knowledge that incorporates 19 knowledge areas and 5 cross-functional competencies that were created with the input of more than 3,300 professionals, and vetted by some of the top names in FM worldwide.

ProFM Body of Knowledge — “24 Things Every FM Professional Should Know”

ProFM Body of Knowledge

The ProFM Body of Knowledge defines the 19 functional FM knowledge areas and five cross-functional competencies required of today’s facility professionals.

This body of knowledge is the result of an extensive research study led by the Professional Facility Management Institute (ProFMI) and the ProFMI Commission, with input from more than 3,300 professionals spanning 93 countries.

Value of Earning a ProFM Credential

Become an FM of the Future with ProFM

ProFM is a universal credential designed to benefit all facility professionals, regardless of career stage, industry or country.

The credential will:

  • Expand your FM knowledge and skills, filling in any gaps you may have
  • Teach you to apply the latest best practices to your job immediately
  • Help you develop your strategic business skills to benefit your entire organization
  • Differentiate yourself from your peers
  • Build confidence for leadership roles and decisions

Earn your ProFM with PSFEI's ProFM Credential Instructor-Assisted Course.

ProFM Adds Value for You, and Your Entire Organization

Now is the time to start becoming an FM of the future to ensure you and your organization are prepared to meet the changing roles and needs that the facility management industry as a whole is facing. ProFM’s all-in-one program allows individual facility professionals or whole departments to fill in knowledge gaps and take on skills that are needed to keep your organization moving forward.

The program can benefit your entire organization by:

  • Teaching you best practices to apply to your organization’s processes immediately
  • Helping you develop strategic business skills to benefit your organization’s bottom line
  • Demonstrating your department’s value to C-Suite and leadership roles

Value of the ProFM Credential for Employers

Maximize the Potential of Your Entire Team with ProFM

The changes facing the facility management industry can make it extremely difficult for employers to not only hire the right employees, but ensure their current staff of FMs possess the skills and knowledge needed to succeed. That’s where our ProFM Credential Program courses comes in. The all-inclusive program offers employers a number of ways to navigate the changing industry including: offering a way to train and evaluate staff, ensuring new hires have the right skills to succeed, and providing an independent market view of FM.


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